Remember when you are selling your stacks of herbs on the Auction House if there is a small amount on the server buy up all the low price stacks and sell your stacks high.

Easiest model to work with is: Buy Low, Sell High

Mists of Pandaria is here! World of Warcraft MoP herbs can now be farmed using lvl 85-90 toons? Why farm herbs in MoP? You have to look at it this way, there will always be people leveling up toons every day and most of them are just focusing on leveling to the next level. Most people when taking on a new profession search the Auction House first for the materials before heading out to farm it themselves. A majority of players look for the fast and easy way to power level up a profession. So when you put multiple stacks of herbs up on the Auction House it helps them level up faster and puts more gold in your bags. It is a win win situation. Plus with Mists of Pandaria now released there will be tons of players running around wanting to level up their new professions!

Mists of Pandaria Herbs

Herbs Item Level 85-90

Item Level

"Buy Low and Sell High"